Water cooled evaporative condenser Introduction
Water cooled evaporative condenser is designed to economic and save water, it is the huge advance in industry. We take Fiber-reinforced plastic as the materials of evaporative condenser. it is light, low noise and high quality. It is widely used in plastic, electronics, food, textile, chemicals, packing industrial and so on.
Product Features
1, Adopt the heat dissipation filling together with the heat exchange pipe to remove heat, good effect, small space.
2, The shutter at the air inlet, avoid the sunshine inject to the inside of the tower, avoid the algae breeding, keep the spray water clean.
3,The heating exchange pipe is T2 purple copper pipe, designed standby pressure 1.6Mpa, keep the medium not be pollution.
4,In the wall there is the checking door which is easy for maintain the spraying nozzle, fillings, ball float valve etc.
5,The fan is aluminum axial fan, the speed of the air flow is high, avoid the hot air return, low noise.
Working principle
Heat exchange takes place between the high-temp Gaseous refrigerant in pipe coil and water sprayed onto it. The high-temp Gaseous refrigerant turns into liquid during the process.
The fresh air travels from the bottom to the top of the condenser, taking away the vapor of the heated spay water. The vapor water will be stopped by the water fender board and flows into the collection basin through pipe coils, and then pumped back into the circulation system. The lost water can be re-supplied with the water level regulator.
Project case
Company Advantage
1.Professional Design: Gewabin is a manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, design, development and production of refrigeration with well-equipped facilities and strong technical force.
The technology flow is followed the trend of latest industry development and the best plan is designed according to customer's requirements and local conditions.
2.Professional Manufacture: All machines are stable, safety, reliable; the plant is with high automation level, Guarantees lowest operational cost.
3.Professional Installation: We have professional installation team with skillful experience for many years. They are careful and responsible.
Our Services
For new and old import and export customer supply:
1.A professional sales team, experienced engineers, advanced manufacturing equipment, particular production technology;
2.Strictly implements ISO9001 Standard in all pretation; CE quality
guarantee system keep and assure customer products and delivery time.
3.Supply specialized installation guidance and after services that anytime and any country if customer need.
4.Reply your inquires within 24 hours anytime and anywhere.
Customer need is the most important; Customer benefit is our benefit; Our grow from company credit and working duty for our new and old customers.Cross Flow Evaporative Condenser manufacturers





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