Why Running Socks Are As Important As Your Running Shoes

Running socks are as important to a runner's comfort and performance as a decent pair of running shoes. Choosing the wrong pair of socks could lead a blisterful rather than a blissful running experience. Here's why socks are important to the runner.

Choose socks wisely

It is highly recommended that you give as much thought to choosing your socks as you do your running shoes. Why? Well, for a number of reasons, not least the fact that they can help prevent injuries, in addition to preventing some shocking blisters.

It makes little sense purchasing a really good pair of running shoes, if you then wear a pair of cheap socks.

It makes little sense purchasing a really good pair of running shoes, if you then wear a pair of cheap socks that mean your foot slides around in the shoe causing friction and ultimately painful blisters. This effectively negates the benefit you should be getting from the decent running shoes, reducing them to footwear that effectively handicaps you every time you run.

Sock technology has come a long way in recent years, but it is quite hard for manufacturers to get runners excited over a humble running sock. Many runners still pick up a three-pack of poor quality cotton socks over a decent pair of technical running socks and then wonder why their feet are getting damaged. Yes, cheap socks may cost a fraction of the cost of quality running socks but it is a false economy to buy them instead of a running-specific pair of socks.

Development of running sock technology

Running socks differ from your standard pair of sports socks. The principal development that started the change process was that of blister-resistant technology. Although by no means guaranteed to rid the runner of a persistent race curse, the use of two layers of fabric fundamentally changed the way some runners perceived the sock market.

The idea behind this concept was that double layers would absorb friction, whilst at the same time wicking away moisture, so dramatically reducing the very cause of blisters. With the constant improvement in the fabrics, these qualities have been enhanced over time with resultant improvements in performance. Many runners would not consider running long distance events in anything else, but some still regard them as overpriced gimmicks.

Cushioning is another improvement in modern socks, and is often the main reason why some runners invest more in a pair of socks than others. The level of padding can differ by brand, but the principle is the same in all of them; they give the runner more protection in those areas of the foot that take the most pounding. Principally the cushioning is around the heel and in the toe area, which has the effect of dissipating the pressure normally associated with these points.

What about running socks and other injury prevention?

In addition to the positive effects of good cushioning, there are two other issues to cover. Firstly, some have an additional thread woven into the sock from top to bottom, which operates like a bandage to protect the joints. Secondly there is the use of pressure sensors. These prevent deviation from natural motions, so common towards the end of a run and the cause of so many injuries.

The Importance of Wearing Socks

Are your kids always refusing to wear children socks with their shoes? Are you tired of having a battle every morning when you try to put your child’s socks on?

I have put together a selection of the best kids’ socks in terms of comfort, materials, and durability. Before you provide your child with a pair of socks, you need to know whether the socks should come with or without grippers on the bottom.

It’s important for children to always wear socks with their shoes since socks are meant to prevent the formation of blisters and the build-up of bacteria inside the shoes. Babys socks also help protect your children’s feet from getting foot infections.

There are a couple of misconceptions when it comes to children’s socks. For example, parents are always asking me whether they need to provide their children with socks that come with grippers or not.

The Importance of Wearing Socks – Grippers or No Grippers?

If your little ones are walking barefoot around the house —as recommended for healthy foot development— they are going to need a pair of socks to protect their feet from the cold.

Children should only wear socks with grippers when they are not wearing shoes. The main reason for this is that the grippers will stick to the insoles of the shoes, preventing your child’s feet and toes to move freely. Babies and toddlers move their toes as a way of exercising their feet, that’s the reason why it’s so important to not constrict this toe movement. If your child’s toes are cramped inside the shoes, this can also lead to the formation of blisters.

If your children are not wearing shoes, like when they are walking inside the house, you can definitely provide them with socks that come with grippers, as they will provide your children with better stability and prevent them from falling.

Gripper socks are ideal for babies or toddlers who are learning how to walk. The grippers will help make your toddler feel more stable when walking.

When looking for your kids’ socks, it’s critical that you always take into account the type of fabric used. The fabric will have an impact on both the comfort and durability of the sock.

The most common and popular fabric is cotton. However, this doesn’t mean that cotton is the best fabric for boys & girls socks. While cotton allows the foot to breathe and it tends to absorb moisture, it doesn’t dispel it. This means that your child might walk around for longer periods of time with socks that are damp.

The world of women's socks and its numerous creations

Meanwhile, womens socks have become important accessories for women because the numerous types have a decisive influence on the outfit. The sock looks are colorful, sweet, playful and can also be super sexy. Between transparent socks with lace and the sporty sneaker socks, there are exciting models to discover. We will guide you through the greatest creations and types of the ladies sock world.

The classic sneaker socks for ladies

Sneaker socks for ladies, these short socks that go exclusively under the ankles are not only super comfortable and extremely popular in the ladies' world, but are also perfectly suited for sports, leisure or everyday life. These stockings are almost invisible and the perfect solution for those who would like to go barefoot. This type is not only airy, thus super suitable for the hot summer days, but also prevents alleged blister formation or other inflammations, which can develop by friction. The sneaker socks usually consist of a high percentage of cotton and a few percent spandex which give them a good fit. In addition to the simple and rather muted colours that are usually known from the short sneaker socks, you can also opt for colourful or patterned models.

Footlets for ladies

You don't see booties because they disappear in the shoe because the cuff ends with the shoe opening. They are the perfect companion if you like to wear ballerinas. They also help you with your workout. The booties are made of robust natural fibers and modern fiber materials, which leads to a high wearing comfort and a firm hold in your sports shoes.

Colourful and colourful pattern socks for ladies

Pattern socks conquer the world decisively. Wherever the eye goes, there is the right pair of motif socks for every taste. You can buy these women's stockings with the funniest and greatest motifs. Besides palm trees, dogs, vegetables, ice cream, sloth or flamingos you will find everything your heart desires. The motif socks can also make statements with single words or sentences. A great eye-catcher for every look. You can unpack your pumps, put on your womens cozy socks, wear a great pleated skirt in the color of your choice and choose a casual blouse or t-shirt. There's a cool look ready. The motive socks are suitable for everyday life as well as for going away. So you're guaranteed to catch everyone's eye for you on a cool dinner evening with friends. But these models also go well with a casual outfit with tight jeans. They spray something playful, but also wild.

The must-have, also for ladies: the logo socks

Logo socks definitely reflect a piece of your personality. Because mostly these stockings are from hip and world-famous fashion labels like Burlington or Falke. You show which brands you stand for and which connection you have. You can also tell which style you like and which fashion you like. Many fashionistas of this world are taken with these unique statement socks. Logo socks are best worn with a simpler outfit to show off the logo to its best advantage and to fully unfold its effect. High logo socks can be worn with silk pumps or trendy sneakers. Especially cool are the socks, where the logo becomes a single pattern.

Sports and tennis socks for women

Sport socks that reach up to the calves. These models are hipper than ever. Fashion icons run up and down the streets in these socks. You can combine sports or tennis socks of numerous sports brands to high heels or sneakers. With a cool dress and a simple blazer you can create a stylish outfit.

Socks with print for ladies

Printed socks for ladies can be very personal and individual because you can not only buy them in all kinds, but you can also have them printed by yourself. That means you can have a picture of yourself and your loved one printed on your socks or even on your pet. These socks with print are also guaranteed to be funny as a gift or as a nice gesture. Also, cool sayings can be printed or important names or data. In any case, these models are very individual because no one else has them if you have them personalized. But you can also buy models with faces of stars and starlets, animals and many other motifs. You will certainly attract attention with these women's stockings. You can wear them at a festival or a casual outdoor party, for example.

Climbing functional stockings to the summit

Functional stockings are perfect when you want to go hiking with your family, climb a peak, for any leisure activity and of course for normal training. Their fit, breathability and modern materials make them the perfect companions. In addition, there are different designs that contain cotton, viscose or synthetic fiber. A further highlight of these functional ladies socks are various padded zones, which protect the feet from any friction and thus prevent blisters from forming on the foot. These socks have soft seams, are not too thick and have a firm hold on the leg. Make sure you reach for these stockings because you will feel good with them guaranteed. So nothing stands in the way of your activities and plans.

Soft and cuddly wool socks for cold ladies feet

Wool socks are not only warm and cuddly soft, with them you can relax accepting a warm tea and a good book or during small walks. You can buy the warm womens printing socks from virgin wool, merino wool or cashmere wool. Most fans of wool socks want as much as possible natural fibers in the wool socks, but you can also buy warm ladies socks with the synthetic fiber polyester, these socks are also very fluffy and popular. In any case you can buy wool socks in all possible colours, also dotted, patterned or multicoloured. You can choose between super thick stockings for at home or also thinner ones, which do not apply too much and look good in great shoes. Your taste and style are in demand.





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