308 Tactical Rifle Scopes
Since 2000, Billings Optics Inc.(Billings) has been a leading manufacturer and exporter specialized in research, development and production of rifle scope. Billings are located in Nantong, east coast of China. The company covers an area of 14000 銕? including over 8000銕?of workshop and facilities surrounded by a beautiful garden. Billings LG branch, which is a new branch factory located in the north part of the City, is focused on the crossbow section.
Billings Optics Inc. have over 200 employees for 8 production lines, 8 senior optical & mechanical experts for R & D team, and over 10 senior industrial experts for quality control department. Verified by IOS9001, Billings has its products certified by RoHS, REACH, CE and FCC, etc. Moreover, Billings owns over twenty patents in optical industry and apply for five new patents every year. For the professional team, Billings have cooperation with many famous brands in the world.
Mr Huang, Chief Technical Officer
鈥?Nearly 30 years' technical working experience for famous rifle scope companies
鈥?Experts for the whole process from development to production
鈥?Rich experience in technological process and quality standard
鈥?Full charge of development and design on one model of military use scope in 2008
鈥?5 senior optical and mechanical experts
鈥?Reasonable knowledge and age structure
鈥?Related educational background (electronic engineering, optical, mechanical engineering etc.)
鈥?Own 20+ patents ( national utility model and design patents), 5+ new patents each year
Mr Qian, Production supervisor
鈥?Excellent educational background
鈥?10+ years experience on production and production management
鈥?Advanced production concept
鈥?Familiar with systems of ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001
鈥?Pay high attention to the stability of product quality, reducing environmental load, safty production, reducing cost and improving efficiency.
Mr Wang, Branch director
鈥?Head of the branch factory
鈥?Veteran of Billings, worked for Billings since 2000
鈥?Rich experience on riflescope and red dot sight production management
鈥?Familiar with scope structure, technological requirement, quality control.
鈥?Accurate evaluation of employees' abilities and reasonable arrangement of manufacture
鈥?200+ workers, 60% worked in Billings for over 15 years.
鈥?Rich experience, skilled and enthusiasm
鈥?Sustainable and efficient completion of production tasks, careful and responsible for each product
鈥?Orientation and training regularly
鈥?Mature technology method, clear operation guidance,
鈥?Head and experts of the production line solving problems in time
Mr Wang, Quality supervisor
鈥?National registered auditor of ISO9001 quality management system,
鈥?Black Belt of Six Sigma.
鈥?Fluent English and good communication with clients on quality questions
鈥?8 senior industrial and 7 junior experts, were trained ISO9001 quality system
鈥?Whole process quality control, clear division on incoming inspection, on-line inspection and final
鈥?10+ years' experience for all team members
鈥?Strictly perform the inspection as per the quality standard
鈥?Full set of professional optical and mechanical performance testing equipment
PROJECT WORKING PROCESS308 Tactical Rifle Scopes





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