Customized CNC Machining Product introduction
This CNC Machined Copper Hardware is made of high-quality brass material, with high plasticity and toughness, and is very suitable for various CNC processing applications. As an excellent NC processing material, it is suitable for different applications, such as electrical equipment, textile machinery, fitness equipment and agricultural machinery, and has good corrosion resistance and strong ductility. Moreover, it has been strictly processed and tested, and has a high consistency specification to ensure that it can be put into use smoothly.
The CNC Machined Copper Hardware is made of special brass, that is, an alloy composed of two or more elements, which has strong wear resistance. Moreover, its surface is very smooth, which can effectively reduce the friction coefficient in use, so as to produce a higher sliding speed. In addition, the component has good weather resistance and can be used in various extremely cold and extremely hot areas, and its working temperature range is -80 degrees Celsius to 160 degrees Celsius.
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