Three soaring momentum carrying infinite power to press down on Zhang Yue in an instant, the power is like the vast ocean, the vast general momentum presses down in an instant. Zhang Yue's whole body shook and his face turned red in an instant. At this time, the momentum of the three imperial ranks in the middle and late stages suddenly merged together and pressed Zhang Yue in an instant. Hum, you three people go up together, I Zhang Yue have no fear again! A more powerful momentum transpire. The dark clouds in the sky are constantly turning over, and the strong breath is constantly permeating all around. A flash of thunder, piercing the space, crackling! A sword awn, flashing dazzling light, bursts of sharp and sharp sword gas from the big Sheng! A huge fireball, revealing a scorching breath, with a fierce hot wave of fire to the moment!!! Three powerful moments of attack hit Zhang Yue. The light of the knife glowed. The sword shines brightly. The fireball was blazing hot. Zhang Yue's hands again drew around him from top to bottom, "Hum!" An oval thunder dun was formed in an instant. Boom! As soon as Zhang Yue's body shook, Lei Guangdun suddenly swayed, like a candle in the wind, swaying with the size of the wind! May be destroyed at any time! The light of the knife is gone! The sword has dissipated! The fireball is gone!!! Hiss. Hiss..!! The sound of countless inhalations came out, and the students around stared at Zhang Yue in shock. Under the attack of the top three players in the list, Zhang Yue just set up a thunder dun to resist the fierce attack! Such a thin energy shield has such a powerful defense! The joint attack of the three imperial masters was so easy to crack the wine cup! Zhang Yue's eyes suddenly appeared cold, cold hum,Beverage packing machine, step on the nine steps against God, between the figure conversion, a blur! Quickly flashed in front of Bao Yunlong. A pair of palms suffused with white as jade light, bursts of cold filled the air, a stream of white eyes constantly transpiring, emitting an endless cold chill. Suddenly, he raised his hand to storm Yunlong. In the heart one ruthlessly,PET blowing machine, in the eyes of the storm Yunlong cold and fierce color flashed away, "I don't believe that your mere flesh palm can resist the advantage of my weapon.". Suddenly, he lifted the eye of Thor in his right hand and drew a dazzling light from bottom to top! Like a touch of purple awn quickly and incomparably escape into the void! In a flash, the speed is scary! Startled, Zhang Yue hurriedly turned over his palm, changed the bombardment to the slap, from the original vertical bombardment to the horizontal slap, and quickly changed the slap to the back of Thor's eye. Hum!! A metallic trill came out, and the right hand of Yunlong's knife trembled, and the eye of Thor quickly retracted! Careful people can find that Bao Yunlong's right hand holding a knife is trembling slightly! At this moment, Bao Yunlong's heart suddenly set off stormy waves. Zhang Yue just a plain and incomparable hand clap, unexpectedly another hand holding a sharp weapon of their own can not stand the feeling, so that a burst of numbness in the palm, such a physical body, liquid bottle filling machine ,water filling machine, it is too strong! Zhang Yue is unforgiving, immediately deceives the body to go up, "whoosh." Whoosh..! With one hand on the ground, a strong impact force suddenly came out, and a pair of iron legs and steel whips quickly swept out, crossing the sharp whistling sound under the air flow. Bao Yunlong's eyes flashed with surprise, and Zhang Yue's strength completely shocked him. With a knife in one hand and the back of the knife in the other, he quickly lifted the eye of Thor to his chest and resisted Zhang Yue's brazen attack. Bang. Bang. Bang! The continuous muffled sound came out, and Bao Yunlong retreated step by step. Zhang Yue kicked nine feet in a row, and Bao Yunlong took nine big steps back. And step by step into the ground half an inch! His face turned red, and Yunlong felt the endless aggressive energy coming from the eye of Thor in his palm. His face changed, and the energy he quickly carried drove out these alien energies! Violent Yunlong side expulsion, the heart side shock inexplicable. This Zhang Yue is too strong, a series of strong attacks do not leave a chance to attack the storm Yunlong, a series of attacks are better than a wave, power is more powerful than a wave, if it goes on like this, he has not attacked, will be Zhang Yue's strong way of attack to put down first.
"Boom!" Zhang Yue suddenly stepped on the ground at his feet, his figure blurred for a while, and quickly deceived himself, with a huge fist of dazzling purple awn crashing into the head of the storm Yunlong! The sharp whistles kept coming out, and the strength of the punch was absolutely amazing. If hit by this, Bao Yunlong's head will instantly fall apart like a watermelon falling from a height of 10,000 meters! Storm Yunlong in the heart a surprised, why Zhang Yue's series of attacks in their own even a little bit of room to fight back, can only be passive defense! At this time, a scorching heat and a sharp cold rush appeared behind Zhang Yue in an instant, and the speed was frighteningly fast, approaching quickly. Look at this posture, as long as Zhang Yue insists on a punch bombardment, behind will reveal a great flaw, suffer a strong attack. And Zhang Yue don't even have to think about it, the heartburn of nature is Yan Linlu's special skill fire magic, and the cold Mang of Sensen is absolutely Hao Lian's sword Mang! There is a perfect meaning of the sword in the dense awn! At this time, Zhang Yue was faced with a dilemma. As long as you continue to bombard, although you can break the defense of the storm Yunlong in one fell swoop, you can break a big threat. But the back is also unavoidable to be attacked by Yan Linlu and Hao Lian. But Yan Linlu and Hao Lian Wuque took the strategy of besieging Wei and rescuing Zhao, forcing Zhang Yue to withdraw his attack and turn around to defend! Weighing the gains and losses in the heart, Zhang Yue smiled coldly in the heart, and with this attack intensity, he wanted to break the body of my corpse king! What a fool's dream! Corpse gas, like the surging river, is rolling in the meridians, and the roar is constantly coming out,Edible oil filling machine, as if there is a sound of dull thunder exploding in Zhang Yue. Vigorous corpse gas quickly formed a lavender thin energy shield outside the body, while the right fist did not have the slightest sense of deceleration, and there is a growing trend to quickly hit the storm cloud.





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