UVC LED Water Disinfection factory
鈼?Flow rate: 2 LPM
鈼?Lifetime: 8,000 hours
鈼?Up to 99.99% Disinfection
More Unique Functionality
鈼?Hands-free, motion-sensor technology
鈼?Safe and reliable disinfection (highly disinfection at 280 nm UVC radiation)
鈼?Lighting ring in the bottom indicates LED life and disinfection condition
What is Ultraviolet (UV-C) LED Water Disinfection?
Due to the ultraviolet rays with wavelengths at 200nm to 280nm, it can effectively terminate the DNA and RNA replication processes of bacteria, viruses and spores, achieving the purpose of inhibiting the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
Ultraviolet UV-C LED Applications in Drinking Water Disinfection
There鈥檚 no doubt that UV-C LEDs are extensively used in surface and air sterilization. However, as UV-C LED technology has transpired and matured, the UV-C LED utilized in static water and flowing water disinfection, are dramatically increasing in demand. Especially with the environmental changes, the public is in need of safe and clean drinking water. UV-C LED has become more important to the disinfection-process of drinking water.
Discover the new technology with amazing function
In response to the market demand, Dawnway offers a series of drinking faucets with UV-C LED equipped on the faucet; It can immediately sterilize both warm and cold water to improve the safety of drinking water. Dawnway鈥檚 UV-C faucets will make your everyday drinking water more enjoyable and safer.UVC LED Water Disinfection factory





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