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PET manufacturers Product Description
Water bottle grade PET chips is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin in the polyester family and is used in bottle packaging containers; can be used to manufacture food and beverage packaging bottles. have uniform crystal structure and narrow molecular mass distribution; non-toxic, odorless, glass-like transparency and luster; good impact toughness and high strength; low gas permeability (that is, good barrier properties), can Extend the shelf life of beverages; simple processing, small dimensional changes or small creep under load.
Water bottle grade PET chips are reprocessed by blow molding to form plastic bottles, including bottles used for packaging of cosmetics, medicine, health care, beverages, mineral water, reagents, etc. Method for forming PET plastic bottle by blow molding.
Due to its light weight, good preservation, and the technical trend of emphasizing heat resistance and pressure resistance, PET bottles have become the mainstream of drinking packaging today. Many beverages that require high temperature sterilization to be filled, such as flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc., are also packaged in PET bottles, and PET bottles have become the main packaging materials for beverage products.
Application of packaging bottle: its application has developed from the initial carbonated beverage to the present beer bottle, edible oil bottle, condiment bottle, medicine bottle, cosmetic bottle, etc.
1: Q: What is the material appearance?
A: White granules.
2: Q: What kinds of package of your products?
A: 1100kgs/bag.
3: Q: Which port for loading?
A: Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, or other China main ports.
4: Q: What is your delivery time after PO confirmation?
A: 15 to 20 days.PET manufacturers





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