Ao Shi Jiu Tian

Purple evil feeling said painfully "This kind of feeling has not had time to rejoice the cruel fact already told me … …" If I were their child I'm still an orphan Still have no relatives Still alone Because they Has been dead for a million years "Hehehe" With a bitter smile the tears on her face flowed wantonly "Such a thing for me is so cruel" My lifelong wish is to be able to cry and act like a spoiled child in my mother's arms and then hear my father say to me No matter what trouble you have made Dad will take care of it for you! "Such a thing even if only for a moment even if only a word" I'm satisfied too But In my life but forever there can never be such a time originally I was doomed to a life of helplessness Seeing Zixieqing's appearance Chu Yang felt great pain in his heart He hugged her tightly and whispered "No no you won't be helpless all your life You still have me" No matter what you've done I'll take care of it for you I'll always take care of it for you Mo Qingwu held Zixieqing's hand tightly With tears in her eyes she comforted her by saying "Sister Purple you still have me" On one side the snow tears are cold But he said firmly "Yes" Girl you still have me! As Health & Medical long as you want I am your father Girl whether you like it or not and no matter what trouble you've made I'll take it for you! "Even if it is" You have to let this sky Fall down! Snow tears cold look up at the sky looking at the gray sky Said softly but firmly As long as you are willing This evening Whether it is for Zixiqing or Chuyang or Snow Tears Cold it is a night of great significance and worth remembering for a lifetime! Snow tears cold is certainly excited He thought that his brother would die and disappear In the dust and in the world There is no mark on others or oneself but I never dreamed that there was still blood left until more than a million years later I just saw it Who has the merciless heaven who said that heaven has no eyes heaven also pity the innocent hero bless his descendants for a long time! Because of this surprise the East Emperor was full of motivation and gratitude to heaven in a trance The excitement of purple evil is more understandable I thought I was doomed to be lonely all my life Even with Chuyang as a companion life is not lonely on the road But the blood relationship between parents is unknown which is always a pity in life Life is incomplete but in this accident we realize the past Although I am sad that I can no longer see my parents again I am proud of my parents' past deeds Although I still have regrets in my life I am no longer incomplete and can be expected to be complete! And the other is not direct at most can only be said to be indirect parties Chu Yang is also unforgettable Because in the evening of the same day Snow Tears Cold found a reason to beat Chu Yang very effectively China Factory This beating was really shaking the earth and worrying the earth Finally with a blue face he said to someone who was black and blue and almost invisible "You are a playboy radish!"! I can tell you now is the die is cast I have no way but you boy remember to be good to my niece in the future! If you dare to bully her Just try it! Chu Yang lay on the ground with tears streaming down his face "Heaven earth why don't you open your eyes There are such unreasonable people in the world who reverse right and wrong Do you understand who we are bullying" He thumped the ground with grief and indignation "I thought your brother was a bastard but you are not a thing He is a bastard at best and you are a big hypocrite bastard" Would you like to speak after you understand the situation He beat me indiscriminately What are you talking about Are you reasonable "Besides" When did you become your niece again Your sister Zihao is your brother am I not In the blink of an eye you the eldest brother are going to pose as a father-in-law again How shameless you are The throne of Chu looked extremely aggrieved
***ing this day really can't live; when I didn't have such a backer I had already been abused thousands of times by Zixieqing one abuse in abuse abuse on abuse Now I have another backer of the East Emperor This backer is really hard! Dude there's definitely enough to see in the future There has never been a moment when Chuyang like now longs to be invincible in the world! Able to speak loudly! How to say our brother is also Gifts & Crafts a man say what also can not let the daughter-in-law's mother's family look down upon is not! You wait for your brother to have enough strength Chu Yang squinted at Snow Tears Cold The identity of this guy changes at any time It was originally the East Emperor then it became my brother and then it was the East Emperor But now it's my father-in-law You count that onion Ok I will put up with you today When you have the strength you must punish your father-in-law who pretends to be garlic! Chu Yang thought so ferociously in his heart ………… Ao Shi Jiu Chong Tian Part 1 Tianwailou Part 8 Chapter 620 Backing Mountain! That night Xue Tears Han sat alone on the top of the mountain with a purple jade table in front of him and three cups on the table Snow tears cold oneself in front of one opposite two Then he took out a pot of wine smiled with tears filled the opposite cup with wine raised his own cup and whispered "Brother" Sister-in-law your daughter I found it for you "Sister and brother the child has me" You should be relieved Kill it in one bite Then the wine in the opposite cup was sprinkled on the snow and a water stain appeared on the snow The water stain gradually oozed down a wet mark Years ago we drank like this I've always wanted to say to you why do you have to drink on the top of the mountain Snow tears cold looked at the void as if Zihao was standing there Snow Tears Cold raised his glass and drank it down "" At that time you said I like the feeling of overlooking the world When I stand on the highest place I will feel that the whole heaven and earth are under my feet How interesting Brother I don't have this feeling today I only think of drinking with you every time "It's a pity that no one will accompany me to drink here now" 。





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