Lv Ning that heavy more than Huan's iron plate, has been carrying incomparable strength to hit the nine-day dragon Hua Mingxuan, the oncoming force is so fast, almost no room for thought, where to talk about escape? What's more, this is a blow from a martial arts master who has tried his best! As a result, a long distance from the mixed vitality of an owl, a little less than a line of self-card tail brush, so -- Hua Mingxuan's eyes were wide open, his face was sad and horrible, and he raised the "tiger-headed knife" in his hand. Naturally, he also understood that it was not enough to resist the iron plate with the force of thunder. In the blink of an eye, Hua Xiaoyan screamed, "Dad.." A shadow called suddenly blocked Hua Mingxuan in front of him, almost at the same time he grabbed the position, the iron plate had "poof" smashed the man's head, blood and brains splashed, and "when" a loud noise, a tiger-headed knife flew into the air, nine days Shenlong Hua Mingxuan fell to the ground with his hands dripping with blood. These movements all happened in an instant and ended in an instant. Hua Xiaoyan had fainted, and Hou Ying, who was holding him, was pale and frightened, like stone sculptures and wood carvings. The man who sacrificed his life to save the nine-day dragon Hua Mingxuan is beyond anyone's expectation. He is Hua Mingxuan's second younger martial brother, Fen Lang Ke Ma Long! This old man of Nujiang School! The air froze in an instant, the smell of blood filled the air,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and the scene was miserable. Evil God eyes condensation, faintly, murderous look overflowing, it is chilling! Jiang Qing had already noticed the situation on this side, but he could not stop. In front of him, there was still a great evil culprit-the Southern Wilderness! At this point, Nanhuang Yisha was already flying nine Zhangs in the air. Jiang Qing followed closely, like a shadow. Nanhuang Yisha suddenly cried out, and his backhand was a "dense rain and silver awn". In the cold light, his body flickered and turned over. The "three rings of the carved crane" in the "green carved flying crane hand" had suddenly been displayed. Yes,wire nail making machine, this was a ruthless move to perish with the enemy. Jiang Qing did not dodge at all, but rushed up and struck out a strong wind, followed by the five Sanshou handed down by the evil gods: "The palm does not cut blood", "Yin and Yang steel", "boundless sea of suffering" and "eight pieces of corpse". The wind, as sharp as a ghost's roaring charm, suddenly swirled around, weeping and complaining. When the shadow of the palm was still in the air, the last move of the five Sanshou. It is also the most vicious move, "Thousand Souls Destroy and Scatter", which has been used in the first four moves. Heavy palms, overlapping palms, powerful forces, the sky seems to suddenly become dark, the ghosts seem to climb up from the tomb, the earth is rolling, and the space is covered with sharp winds and palm shadows, like endless sharp blades! Then came the sound of a series of fleshy palms, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail machine manufacturers, pieces of flesh and blood flying, bloodshot bones, wriggling intestines.. A body that had lost its human form fell to the ground in several places. No need to look, that corpse, is the Southern Wilderness one Shashen Sun Qi! Jiang Qing looked haggard and stood in silence with a slight pallor. His hands were twisted together, and a dozen silver needles like cow hair were inserted in his shoulders. His sapphire blue gown was broken, revealing the bright red fire cloud clothes inside. Xia Hui gave a trembling cry and rushed to Jiang Qing regardless of everything, but Chang Li, an owl, dodged faster and pulled out the needle for Jiang Qing to heal her wounds in a quick way. Jiang Qingjian frowned and said in a low voice, "Elder, poor Second Martial Uncle.." Chang Li Yi Xiao carefully applied medicine to Jiang Qing to remove the poison. He sighed, "The fight between the trapped animals cannot be ignored. Brother Ma Long is loyal and courageous. He sacrificed his life for benevolence. I really admire him. I can only hate old man Lu for being too ruthless and cunning, but we also underestimate the enemy's conceit.." "Are you all right, brother?" Said Xia Hui timidly. Jiang Qing nodded her head in silence and smiled deeply. The evil God was already there and said calmly, "Miss Hui, Qing'er doesn't matter. However, I hope this killing will end earlier.".
” Chapter 103 of the Eight Laws of the Tathagata: How Many Yiyi Chapter 103 how many Yiyi. Jiang Qing immediately understood the meaning of the evil God's words. He looked at the people around Hua Mingxuan and Fen Langke. He asked Chang Li Yi Xiao in a low voice, "Senior, Dad wants to kill again. Hasn't the Golden Clothes Gang retreated yet?" As Chang Li bandaged Jiang Qing, he said, "Don't worry, the elder has done it. The Golden Clothes Gang in the north of the village has been killed and wounded, and has fled. The leader of the Yellow Leopard Hall in the three outer halls, Yu Gang and Mao Qing, has been killed on the spot by the old man in a hundred strokes."; Another thin old man with a missing leg, heard that he was called Yin and Yang Palm Cha Baichuan, also died with Fei Lei Nie Dong when he was fighting with the old man's two guards. Jiang Qing shivered all over and said in horror, "What?"? Brother Nie has.. "Oh, my God." Chang Li Yi Xiao's face was calm and solemn, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was still there. However, Jiang Qing could see how much melancholy and mourning, how much sadness and regret were contained in this smile. Jiang Qing understood that although the East China Sea hero was cold on the surface, his heart was full of warmth and love. His four guards, "Sky Thunder", "God Thunder", "Flying Thunder" and "Flash Thunder" were his old companions who went through life and death with him. But also his loyal, loyal good brother, now lost one, long away from the appearance of an owl indifferent, the grief in his heart, but it is unparalleled. Xia Hui was also petrified. She stammered, "Senior.." Brother Nie has gone, you. Why have you been holding your breath? Brother Nie.. He He was afraid of my cold last night, so he sent me his blanket specially. As she spoke, Xia Hui's big eyes were filled with glittering tears. "Silly girl, what are you sad about?" She laughed with a crying voice? Nie Dong died well. A real man should be like this. Those who lick blood on the tip of a knife must die on the tip of a knife to be a man. The warriors of Changli Island will envy him and recall him. In the future, ha ha, on the spirit tablet of Daying Hall, Nie Dong's God card can be placed beside the old man's spirit! Xia Hui couldn't help crying. Jiang Qing handed her over to Chang Li Yi Xiao. Wiping away her tears, she came to the body of the evil God. The evil God hugged Jiang Qing deeply and walked slowly to the nine-day dragon. She sighed in a low voice, "My child, remember what Dad told you."; Sixty years ago, I honored my father in Jianghu. Sixty years later, I became a tyrant. In the days to come, Qing'er, you will be the first master in Wulin. Jiang Qing nodded gently, but said sadly,Nail machine supplier, "Father, Brother Nie, the bodyguard of Elder Wei.." 。





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